Our Values

Our values statement is based on the values God was looking for in His people according to Malachai–values He did not find. These values please God, represent God, and draw others to God. As a Church, and as individuals, we are making these values a part of who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

  • Love is of God. We will love God as He loves us, and others as He loves them.
  • Worship is warranted. We will worship God alone, because the opposite of worship is idolatry.
  • Excellence is expected. We will pursue excellence in all we do because God is excellent in all He does.
  • Authenticity is acceptable. We will accept others as they are because God accepts us as we are.
  • Justice is delightful. We will be just in our actions because God delights in the just and judges the unjust.
  • Grace is amazing. We will show grace to others because God has shown us amazing grace.
  • Generosity is owed. We will be generous to others because we owe it to God and to them.
  • Faithfulness is rewarded. We will be faithful to God because God remembers, enjoys, and rewards faithful people.

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